Trust Hemp's vision is to create clothing that is sustainable and fulfills the need for artistic creativity.

The cooperation uses hemp and organic cotton fibers, recycles most of the fabric scrap into one of a kind artistic garments, and maintains collaborative partnerships with other artists. James & Karen have blended their unique artistic vision to create the cooperation from their partnership in life. The cooperation got its start right as their first child was born in 1998. They decided that they wanted all of their designs and fabrics to reflect their vision of ecological sustainability and social equity.

The fabrics used in all production are based on the availability of domestically produced fibers and then those based on organic cotton and hemp blends. Artistic creations, recycled from the production of clothing items, will allow the cooperation to both make “one of a kind” art pieces and close the loop in terms of number of pounds of garbage produced. Trust Hemp Cooperation sees the collaboration with the local artist community as the overall key to the resurgence of the “maker is the seller” market and the inspiration of new designs in our bio-region. Creating an economy and business with the smallest carbon footprint possible, plus healthy lifestyle options will be some of our highest priorities.